How to choose ice makers?

How to choose ice makers?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an ice maker, including: 

  • Size

The size of the ice maker determines how much ice it can make and how much space it takes up. A good rule of thumb is to choose an ice maker that produces about 20% more ice than you need daily.

  • Storage capacity

You'll need a larger machine if you need to fill coolers.

  • Location

The ideal spot for an ice maker is big, climate-controlled, and airy.

  • Ice size and shape

There are some ice makers that make ice in different sizes and shapes. Larger ice cubes last longer and keep drinks from getting watered down. Smaller cubes stay soft and are easier to chew.

  • Production rate

The production rate of an ice maker will be more important than the size of its ice bucket if you make a lot of ice.

  • Self-cleaning feature

Self-cleaning ice makers can help keep your cubes crystal clear.

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